The Weirdest Jobs Students Actually Have

According to the Huffington Post, 4 out of 5 college students work part-time while studying for their degrees. With such skee-wampus schedules, not to mention no degree to get a high paying job, we were curious what jobs students are actually working? As it turns out, many are working some pretty weird jobs.

Here are some of the weirdest:

1. Bone counter

If you don’t mind seeing (and touching) chopped up body parts that have been donated to science, you may be interested to know that you could be a bone counter, just like many students before you.

This job requires that you sort through, clean, cut and ship bones to hospitals all over the world for transplant purposes.

Bone counter -Weirdest Jobs Students

2. Professional Scarecrow

While farmers still rely on stuffed dolls on a stick to scare noxious pests away from their crops, many are finding that hiring live scarecrows actually works better.

For up to $15 an hour, you can help farmers keep birds and other creatures away from their precious crops. As opposed to a “fake” scarecrow that is positioned in the middle of fields in hopes that it will deter pests away, if you were to take a job as a professional scarecrow, you would be tasked with the job of sitting in the fields until crows or rodents entered your area, at which time you would stand up, wave your arms, and make loud noises to scare them away.

Sure, it may be fun to dress the part. However, most farmers don’t require that you stuff your shirt with hay, paint your face like a clown, or skip down any yellow brick roads — but, you will likely need a brain.

You can thank your college education for that.

Professional Scarecrow - Weirdest Jobs Students

3. Art Model

If you are of the belief that your body is a piece of art — or if you’re just strapped for cash, you may want to consider donating your (visible) body to art students who need to draw, paint or sculpt depictions of the human body.

Keep in mind that you may be required to stand or sit in uncomfortable positions for long amounts of time in front of people you may or may not see walking on campus. But, if that doesn’t bother you, say goodbye to your clothes for the time being, and hello to money in your bank account.

Art Model - Weirdest Jobs Students

4. Beer Auditor

Alcohol and college? Well, that is a popular recipe. But, a job that includes getting paid to buy beer? It’s almost too good to be true?

Too good or not, the title of “Beer Auditor” is an actual job that students have held. The purpose of the job is to see if stores are selling beer in accordance with state law. You may pose as a customer who forgot his ID to see if the store will still sell it to you. If the store does, they get a failing grade, and you get free beer and a paycheck. It’s a win-win-WIN!

Beer Auditor - Weirdest Jobs Students

5. Wrecked Car Washer

Washing cars that have been in wrecked may seem a bit unnecessary, but not to dealers who are in the business of selling parts.

Businesses that purchase wrecked vehicles for parts have found that they are more likely to sell those parts if the cars are cleaned, and will hire workers to do just that.

If you like the idea of turning trash into treasures, this may just be the (side) job for you.

Wrecked Car Washer - Weirdest Jobs Students

6. Supervisor Elf

The wintertime is a great time to find temporary work, since most students are off for winter break. One seasonal job that will get you feeling very “seasonal,” is Supervisor Elf.

While your juvenile looks may not be a good fit for Santa, your youthful appearance is a perfect fit for the role of elf. And while you’re at it, why not move up the hierarchy to Supervisor Elf to keep all the elf grunts in line.

Plus, it pays to be next in line to the big guy. You may just get an extra gift under the tree.

Supervisor Elf - Weirdest Jobs Students

7. Street Performer

If you love to sing, dance, play instruments or do magic tricks, and have yet to land a “professional” gig, do what many students of the arts have done, by becoming a street performer.

Just set up your corner stage, open up your guitar case for tips, and play and sing your heart out to passerbys. If you are good at what you do, you have the potential to earn decent money. And who knows? You may get discovered.

Street Performer - Weirdest Jobs Students

8. Worm Watcher

If you loved digging in the dirt in search of earthworms as a child, you may want to consider channeling your inner 5-year-old just like some students at the University of Duluth in Minnesota have.

The university has something titled, “The Great Worm Project,” and has had need of research assistants to excavate and identify earthworms, as well as dissect them before updating the database with scientific findings.

Not only will you get paid, but you can tell your mom that the hours she spent cleaning her muddy kitchen floors when you were little, were not spent in vain.

Worm Watcher - Weirdest Jobs Students

9. Movie Premier Monitor

Much like the job of Beer Monitor, a Movie Premier Monitor is also a mystery shopper. Instead of banking on the chance of a worker not doing his or her job correctly in order to get free product, as a movie monitor, you are guaranteed perks beyond the paycheck.

This particular job allows you to attend movie premiers and even be in the presence of celebrities. All you need to do is count the number of people in the theater, and record what movies were shown during the previews, then watch your movie, and collect a paycheck.

Movie Premier Monitor - Weirdest Jobs Students

10. Plasma Seller

Why donate blood when you can go through much of the same process to sell plasma for cold, hard cash? That’s what many students have done to help pay the lunch tab.

Selling plasma takes a few hours out of your day, but you can earn upwards of $70 per visit. What’s better? Many students find that they can kill two birds with one stone by studying while the precious bodily substance is being drawn.

Keep in mind, however, you may be a little light headed the rest of the day, so choose your donating days wisely — like not on a day you have a final.

Plasma Seller - Weirdest Jobs Students

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