Tiny Animals Guaranteed to Make You Smile



When life gets you down, animal therapy can be very beneficial. And we’ve got the cure for the blues right here in our list of tiny animals that will grab you by the heartstrings and never let go.

Plus, impress your friends with bonus facts about each of them. Some are babies and some adults. We’ve got wild, domesticated, weird, and famous animals represented here, and you won’t want to miss any of them!

Pygmy marmosets

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest primate in the world, and the cutest little monkeys with puffy fringe around their faces.

Marmosets can be tamed but do not make great pets due to their specific care needs; it’s best to enjoy them in the wild.

Bumblebee bats

Found in a specific region of Thailand, a baby bumblebee bat is the size of a dime and an adult tops out at 2.54 cm.

Tied for the title of smallest mammal with the Etruscan shrew, bumblebee bats are way more cute than creepy.

Baby pygmy hippos

Most adorable as youngsters, baby pygmy hippos are all skin rolls and wide eyes. Adults only grow to about five feet long, much less than their standard hippo cousins.

Sadly, they are an endangered species with less than 3,000 alive today.

Baby crocodiles

Called hatchlings, newborn crocodiles are adorable and give little hint of the beasts they will become.

While not especially dangerous to humans as hatchlings, watch out – their mamas are always close by.


How can you resist these adorable creatures when they curl up into a ball and grin at you from inside it?

Some people do keep hedgehogs as pets, but cuddle with caution as they have quills similar to porcupines.



Sloths are unique creatures that love to hang around in the forests of Central and South America and are especially cute as babies.

Sloths move extremely slowly on land but are actually excellent swimmers.


Bunny rabbits come in lots of sizes, with floppy ears or upright ears, but they all have adorable button noses and cottontails.

Rabbits are popular pets and can be trained to perform tricks and to use a litter box.

Baby deer

As newborns, deer can be easily cupped in adult-sized hands and are odorless as a form of protection from predators.

Mama deer need to leave their babies in order to forage, but never stray more than 100 yards away.

Brookesia minima chameleons

One of the smallest chameleons on earth at just under 2.54 cm long fully grown, this little guy is found resting in the trees of Madagascar.

It forages for fruit flies amongst the deep leaf litter of the forest floor, and uses its color-changing power and the ability to play dead as defense.

Bee hummingbirds

Though as colorful as all hummingbirds, males of this species are the smallest birds in the world; the females are just slightly bigger.

Topping out at 5.08 cm, their wings flap so fast that you can’t even see them. They love nectar and feast on tiny insects as well.


Sweet at any size, hamsters are teeny tiny grape-sized balls of cuteness as babies. Baby hamsters, called pups, take only three weeks to grow to full size.

The average lifespan of a hamster is 1-2 years.

Domesticated rats

While their wild relatives have a really bad reputation, domesticated rats come in a huge range of beautiful colors and make wonderful pets.

They are among the smartest rodents and bond well with people.

Baby honey badgers

Baby honey badgers


Known as kits, baby honey badgers have soft fur and comically large paws. They can curl up in one adult hand.

While they look cute, remember that honey badgers are related to skunks and can spray a foul odor when threatened.



(с) J Marsh

Ducks are born with open eyes and an independent streak. That may surprise you given the tendency of ducks to stick together, but babies are all about exploring their world.

Ducklings start flying by about two months.

Pygmy goats

Pygmy goats

Pinterest/Cathy Strickland

Smaller than regular goats in general, baby pygmy goats are cuteness overload. They can make very good pets but require a lot of daily attention – bored goats can become destructive.

Put in the time and your goat will tolerate a lot of stuff that amuses humans, including being put in a sweater.

South African tortoises

South Africa and Namibia are home to several of the smallest tortoises in the world.

Some are as tiny as a grape!

Short beaked echidna

With its gray, spiky skin and anteater like tongue, you may wonder if this little creature is even real.

Nicknamed Puggles, they are warm blooded and lay eggs.

The world’s smallest cat

Cats are always sweet, but imagine the cuteness factor of a tiny, full grown cat. The Guinness Book of World Records reports that the smallest cat ever was a male blue point Himalayan-Persian.

Owned by a family in Illinois, USA, the cat was named Tinker Toy and measured only 7 cm tall and 19 cm long.

Baby squirrels

Wild adult squirrels can be a nuisance but the babies are so sweet once they open their eyes and grow fur. Born blind, baby squirrels stay with their mothers for 2-3 months.

Squirrels can be domesticated if handled very young.

Thumbelina, the world’s smallest horse

Standing only 43.18 cm tall and weighing just 27.22 kg, Thumbelina was born on a farm that specializes in miniature horses.

However, Thumbelina got her claim to fame by being a miniature horse born with dwarfism.

Baby seals

Fuzzy all over with huge, imploring eyes, baby seals can make you want to go to the fish store ASAP.

Mother seals have only one pup a year and are as enamored of their cuties as any human observer.


With their sleek black and white feathers, penguins are a gorgeous breed.

But their culture hides a few dirty secrets, including the male penguin’s tendency to cheat on his partner, and the occasional baby snatching by a mother who has lost her own chick.

Baby octopuses

Baby octopuses are so small they can sit right on the tip of your finger.

Their bodies are mostly clear with black speckles and big black eyes. And while the adults aren’t the most attractive, as it turns out, they can be quite social with humans.

Prairie dogs

Native to North American grasslands, prairie dogs are often considered pests due to their voracious appetite. These rodents can wipe out entire crops in no time flat.

They sure are cute, though! We dare you not to say “awww” when one of these guys stands up on his hind legs.

Baby opossums

This creature grows out of its good looks, but the babies are simply adorable.

Baby opossums are born with an incredible protective feature – partial or total immunity to the venom of dangerous snakes.

Baby pufferfish

Baby pufferfish

Look but don’t touch! While extremely cute, baby pufferfish are protected by a layer of poison, left by their mothers, which lasts until the fish is old enough to protect itself.

Fully grown pufferfish have enough deadly tetrodotoxin to kill 30 adult humans, and there is no known antidote.

Puppies growing up with kids

Everyone agrees that puppies are adorable, but they tug at our heartstrings even more when seen with babies and toddlers.

It may be a lot of work, but raising a puppy and a baby together is not only beautiful, it creates an incredible bond between the two.

From traditional to unexpected, we’ve covered a host of tiny animals guaranteed to make you smile. Some will be very difficult (or painful!) to get your hands on, but luckily, just looking at pictures of these animals can offer mood elevating effects.

Winning your next trivia night will feel pretty good, too.