20 Weird Jobs that Actually Pay Surprisingly Well

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a busy work day and thought “Surely there is a better job out there for me” then you might want to consider one of these wonderfully odd jobs that actually, pay pretty well! You’ve been warned though a lot of these professions involve sniffing strange things and testing dog food – yes, seriously!

Water Slide Tester


20. Professional Pooch Food Taster

Dog Food Taster


While your starting salary might not be that exceptional, an experienced dog food taster can earn up to $75,000 a year. You will need to be skilled in the art of a Chihuahua’s taste buds and have a pretty strong stomach, most dog food is made out of meat that isn’t typically edible for humans. If even the thought of gobbling kibble is enough to turn your stomach perhaps the next career will be more your style…

19. Sex Toy Tester

Yes, you heard that correctly. There are a select few people in the world that actually make a living from trying out sex toys and reviewing them. You’ll need to be ready to use the toys for an average of seven hours a week and of course give a fair review. While the job is mainly suited to women there are a number of sex toy companies looking to hire men as well, getting paid to pleasure yourself – how can you say no?!

18. Professional Cuddler

If you are more interested in cuddling than getting down and dirty then this job might be just right for you! There is a new industry emerging on the scene and it focuses on helping couples and groups connect through the art of cuddling. It can pay anywhere up to $80 an hour but you better be ready for some serious tickling, spooning and long meaningful embraces!

17. Walking Advertisement

While this next career certainly won’t suit everyone, it definitely is eye catching! Major corporations will pay big bucks ($5,000 a pop) for people to tattoo, paint or etch their logo onto their body. This crazy career is one way to make extra money fast and all you have to do is live with the web address for an adult website tattooed on your face for life, that isn’t a big deal is it?

16. Crime Scene Cleaner

This isn’t your typical janitor gig, there may be rogue body parts floating around you have to tidy up but with the potential to earn up to $80,000 a year, a little bit of flesh is definitely worth it. Other than decomposing flesh, crime scene cleaners also have to wear ridiculously heavy Hazmat suits to make sure that you know, blood doesn’t get on them so those with weak stomachs need not apply!

15. Furniture Tester

Furniture Tester


Do you enjoy lounging around? Yes! Can you spend hours upon hours laying on couches and sitting on chairs? Yes! Then you might need to quit your job right now and become a professional furniture tester. All you really need is patience, decisiveness and the ability to not develop bed sores. While the pay might not be up there with crime scene cleaners, the task is fairly straight forward and doesn’t involve any blood (hopefully).

14. Personal Shopper

This is where the big bucks start, especially if your clientele includes wealthy families and celebrities. Your tasks will include helping your client pick out clothes and well, telling them whether they look good or not. If you are especially good at your job you might even work as a stylist as well! Just be ready for endless amounts of questions along the lines of “Does my ass look fat in this?” Hint: The answer is no your ass does not look fat.

13. Human Statue

Only apply for this job if you are prepared to take hundreds of photos a day and have people yell stupid things like “Is it real?” or “Dude do you think that thing is alive?” You’ve probably seen human statues in busy public areas dressed as a tin man/woman or sometimes an angel. This may or may not surprise you but the very best human statues can earn up to $500 a day! Not bad for standing around doing nothing all day?

12. Life Model

The term model is used loosely, really loosely when it comes to life models. If you happen to be an art student then you’ll probably have seen a few of these. Basically it entails sitting for hours on end, usually naked having artists draw or paint you. All you’ll need is a dash of confidence and the ability to stay still for a really long time, oh and you’re looking at getting paid between $50-$100 an hour! Why not get paid to be painted?

11. Professional Golf Ball Finder

This one is fairly self-explanatory! There are hundreds of thousands missing golf balls floating around ponds and lakes in golf clubs around the world so the clubs pay good money for someone to find them. Of course, you’ll actually need some sort of diving experience but it’ll be worth it when you’re earning between $50,000-$100,000 a year! As long as golfers keep losing their balls you’ll never be out of a job!

10. Paper Towel Sniffer

No this job isn’t made up, it’s completely real! Paper towel companies hire a group of people at a time to smell their products to make sure that there isn’t a significant odour to them. If you are just starting out as an amateur sniffer you’re looking at around $20,000 a year but the more experienced your nose is, the more you’ll earn more! So, if you have a deviated septum or breathing problems, probably avoid this job listing.

9. Water Slide Tester

While the pay for this particular job might not be that appealing, you get to ride waterslides all day! What more could you want out of life but to spend day after day zooming down some of the most exclusive water slides before anyone else. Annually as a water slide tester you’re looking at racking in about $30,000 but just think about this – you’ll never have to pay to go on a waterslide again.

8. Sommelier

This job definitely has the fanciest name on the list but also probably the best lifestyle as well. As a sommelier you’re most important task is to know what wines go with what meal at the restaurant you’re working in. With a starting salary of over $50,000 and access to bottomless glasses of wine, who needs a social life when your job is to get people drunk!

7. Professional Mourner

Most people’s worst nightmare would be to go to a funeral every day but there are certain people out there that get paid a substantial amount to attend funerals. The profession has actually been massive in Chinese and some African cultures for centuries so don’t immediately be put off. As a professional mourner you can’t just fade into the background, you will be given a back story, a fake name and on top of that be expected to cry on command. Don’t worry though, you’ll be getting paid upwards of $200 an hour to be there! Just don’t forget your fake name!

6. Face Feeler

Now, the name might sound a little odd and creepy but this job is one of the best in the business! Skincare companies want the peace of mind knowing how a product will feel and react to a person’s skin. So, they employ professional face feelers who poke and prod someone’s face immediately after applying the product and see how it feels! Just make sure you wash your hands regularly and you’ll be getting paid anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour! For touching someone’s face! Talk about easy money.

5. Professional Bridesmaid

It might seem a little sad but a lot of women don’t have solid enough friendships to rely on someone else for their big day. So, instead they hire a professional who will do everything from pick up your dress while you go to the toilet to help you sort out your seating plan. If this job sounds like something you could do you’re looking at anything between $50 to $200 per hour, depending on your experience of course.

4. Professional snake venom collector

This job is exactly as the title describes. In order to make the anti-venom, hospitals need to have a certain amount of the actual venom. Essentially, your job will be to find some of the world’s deadliest snakes and then extract their venom – fairly simple, right? The pay off might be worth it as well, per 1 gram you can collect around $1,000.

3. Professional Sleeper

Do you long for a life where all you have to do is sleep all day? Well then, this might be time for a career change. Professional sleepers are used for sleep studies and mattress testing and can earn up to $60,000 per year, pretty good for just laying around all day! As long as you don’t mind being told which position to sleep in and potentially having a whole bunch of wires connected to you, this job is for you.

2. Human Mannequin

Have you ever accidentally bumped into a mannequin in a clothing store and thought “That mannequin looks so lifelike” well next time it might actually be real! Some large chains hire real models to stand in the shop fronts all day and well, be mannequins! While this job sounds easy, it’s actually pretty difficult since the models have to maintain one facial expression for hours!

1. Dog Surfing Instructor


Forget about teaching boring humans to surf, why not teach dogs! This unique profession has entered a bit of a boom phase with just about every dog owner with a surf board wanting their pooch to surf alongside them. There are a number of resorts that offer classes for both canine and humans, while others are strictly for creatures with four legs. While being a surf instructor might seem like an awesome job, the pay isn’t exceptional but you get to play with dogs everyday – what more could you want from life?