10 Real-Life Incredible Hulks

Sajad Gharibi


Originally conceived in 1962, the Incredible Hulk is the alter ego of mild mannered scientist Bruce Banner. After being exposed to a blast of gamma radiation, Banner was cursed to turn into the rage-fueled green monster whenever he experienced great stress. Instantly recognizable by his green skin and popping muscles, the Incredible Hulk is thankfully fictional.

But read on for a fascinating list of ten real-life Hulks whose sheer size and power is astonishing. Mind your manners if you ever meet any of them in person!

Denis Cyplenkov

Cyplenkov is a Ukrainian arm wrestler and bodybuilder who stands 6’1” tall and weighs about 308 pounds. He says that he just started working out one day and got hooked by the lifestyle.

With his staggering 25” biceps, Cyplenkov dominates the arm wrestling circuit. He currently lives and trains in Moscow.

Brian Shaw

Shaw is American-born and started his athletic career as a basketball player. He’s got quite a few weight-lifting titles to his name now, having won the 2015 World’s Strongest Man and the 2017 Arnold Strongman Classic, dominating the latter even though he was mildly injured at the time. Shaw stands an astonishing 6’8” tall and weighs over 400 pounds.

You can really see how big he is when he stands next to the Strongman Classic namesake, Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself a pretty big guy.

Sajad Gharibi

Here’s a real-life hulk who has borrowed the name. Known among his Instagram followers as the Iranian Hulk, Gharibi is 6’1” and 330 pounds. He is so strong, with such a huge upper body, that he can lift more weight than he himself weighs. Gharibi wants to use his strength for good, and plans to join the Army to fight ISIS.

The only problem is that he struggles to find clothes that fit and can barely squeeze into a regular passenger vehicle, let alone a tank.

The Asian Hulk

South Korean man Hwang Chul-Soon had much in common with Bruce Banner at age 20, weighing only 125 pounds. Chul-Soon felt he got no respect due to his size and took up body building to combat the problem. Ten years later the 5’9”, 220 pound man is seriously into fitness, sometimes doing up to 3,000 sit ups per day and staying very focused on healthy eating.

Rumors have circulated that Chul-Soon resorted to steroid use in order to bulk up, but he denies that, asserting that his bulk is all natural and hard-won.

Givanildo Vieira de Souza

This real-life, professional soccer playing hulk is not as large as others on the list, but at 5’11” with 185 pounds of solid muscle, he stands out from his teammates. That’s how he got the nickname “Hulk”, which adorns the back of his jersey in place of his given name.

De Souza is 31 years old and still at the top of his game, playing for Shanghai in China and with the Brazilian national team.

The Synthetic Hulk

Romario de Santos Alves has muscles so large that they appear unreal. As a fan of the Incredible Hulk, Alves always wanted huge muscles, and started body building naturally. However, he met some men at his gym who offered him an easier way to bulk up. Thereafter, Alves began injecting Synthol directly into the parts of the body he wanted to enlarge.

The results were so dramatic that they actually scared people, and doctors finally threatened to amputate his arms before he decided to get off the juice.

Mariusz Pudzianowski

From 2002-2009, Pudzianowski was a regular in the Strongman competition, and in that time he took home five World’s Strongest Man titles. At 6’1” and 300 pounds, he was actually one of the smaller men in the competitions. But after 2009, Pudzianowski moved on to MMA fighting, where he had to bring his weight down to 260 pounds in order to compete in heaviest class of MMA.

Pudzianowski continues to find success in his fighting career, making him perhaps the most hulk-like character on our list.

Amazonian Hulk

Surprise! Not all hulks are men. Brazilian Ana Lucia Barbosa grew up in poverty, but at least she grew to 6’8”! Barbosa created an alter ego called Amazonian Cinthia, a Hulk-like character who earns hundreds of dollars per hour by dominating men. She travels all over the world working with rich men who pay her to play rough.

More power to Barbosa for using what God gave her, but we think it’s safe to say that some guys have more money than sense.

Eddie Hall

Crowned World’s Strongest Man in 2017, Eddie Hall is the first British man to take the title in over 20 years. His 430 pounds of muscle requires over 12,000 calories per day to sustain! Add in 6’2” of height, and Hall acknowledges that it’s a struggle just to fit into the car.

He’s not done competing yet, but plans to lose some weight after he achieves his strongman goals and put his focus on raising his two children. Hall is officially our Family Man Hulk.

Hafthor Bjornsson

Here’s a hulk you may recognize from TV. Icelandic Hafthor Bjornsson is 6’9” and weighs over 400 pounds. He has been competing in Viking and Strongman competitions since 2009. Oh, and he plays Sir Gregor Clegane – the Mountain – on a little show called Game of Thrones. Bjornsson dominates Icelandic and Viking competitions. In fact, during the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic he lifted 1,041 pounds (or 472kg) for his final dead lift and set a new world record in the process.

Bjornsson is now preparing for the Europe’s Strongest Man competition in April, followed by May’s world championships.

So there you have it, ten real-life hulks, most of whom are probably really kind and gentle in real life – Bruce Banners in Incredible Hulk bodies.

Amazonian Cinthia won’t mess with you unless you ask her with a fat stack of cash. Chul-Soon just wants some respect, Gharibi hopes to fight evil in the world, Bjornsson has his acting career, and Hall really loves his kiddos. Just don’t ask Cyplenkov to arm wrestle!