10 Places You Can’t Visit

It might surprise you but there are places in this world (other than North Korea) where the average person simply isn’t allowed to visit. From secret subways to government hide outs, if you try to get into some of these forbidden areas you might find yourself thrown in jail or worse. Proceed with caution.

10. Stalin’s Subway

This government installation has fascinated everyone for decades, mainly because it was built during the height of the Soviet Union and you guessed it – nobody is allowed to go there. According to some sources it was a sort of bunker and was home to everything from nuclear testing to giant rats. It is said to be somewhere deep under Moscow but the government neither confirms or denies is exists.

9. Mount Weather


If there is anywhere you want to be during a nuclear war, Mount Weather is it. Just a short plane ride from Washington D.C in the Virginia woods is a bunker that has all the necessities for the President. You know, television, air conditioning and of course a radio system that would allow the President to address the entire US population within 10 minutes of broadcasting. While the government hasn’t gone to lengths to hide its location, your chances of making it passed armed guards is next to impossible.

8. North Sentinel Island

While it may be surrounded by crystal clear water and luscious palm trees, this tropical island is not where you want to plan your next vacation to. Unless of course you like having spears thrown at you and being eaten by tens of Indigenous Sentinelese. This tribe of somewhere between 50 and 400 people has famously resisted any sort of interaction with the outside world and are determined to keep it that way. Even if you want to take your chances with them, the island and its people are protected by the Indian government.

7. Mezhgorye, Russia

According to the Russian government this town is said to house only employees working on Mount Yamantau which they have claimed is everything from a food storage facility to government bunker. However, NATO has other ideas. According to them, Mount Yamantau is one of Russia’s largest nuclear facilities. Chances are, unless you are a resident there you’ll never really know what lies in the belly of the mountainous beast.

6. Surtsey, Iceland

This island burst from the ocean during a volcanic eruption in the 60’s and 70’s and since then only a handful of trusted scientists have been allowed to visit. It is said to be one of the world’s most untouched natural landscapes and the Icelandic government intends to keep it that way. Since its birth Surtsey has become home to a number of insect, bird and fungi species. Pretty impressive for arguably the world’s youngest island.

5. Pine Gap, Australia


Somewhere in the Australian outback lies a secret satellite station run by both the Australian and United States government. While it isn’t that uncommon for the allies to work together, conspiracy theories rage on what actually goes on at Pine Gap. Some believe it is able to communicate with UFO’s while most think it’s more likely a radio station that can pick up counter intelligence since it was used a lot during the height of the war on terror. Either way, there is no way you’re ever getting in for a quick tour since the area is heavily guarded 24/7.

4. Snake Island, Brazil


Not that you would particularly want to go to a place called snake island, if you do well, bad luck. It is estimated that this small rock island off the coast of Brazil has around 1 snake per square metre and has possibly the world’s deadliest snake calling it home. The Golden Lancehead Pit Viper has venom so potent, it can literally melt human flesh. So, if you fancy a trip to this wonderful island all you have to do is get passed the Brazilian Navy.

3. Room 39, North Korea

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If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, why not pop by Kim Jong-un’s secret room 39 that is reportedly where all the really deep dark dirty things go on. Some believe this is where the dictator runs his drug cartel, money laundering businesses and orders people to murder his family members. While the North Korean government firmly denies any such shenanigans, I doubt anyone will ever truly know what goes on.

2. Pripyat, Ukraine

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Much like neighbouring Chernobyl, Pripyat was devastated by the nuclear disaster decades ago and is now very much a ghost town. While it won’t be ready for re habitation for about 24,000 years, some brave souls venture in – but not without a government appointed security guard to make sure no funny business goes on. While there are plenty of conspiracy theories as to why Chernobyl happened and questions raised about how the government lets people live in the exclusion zone, the most likely reason for nobody being allowed in there is I don’t know, radiation poisoning?

1. Area 51, Nevada

Arguably the most famous restricted zone ever, Area 51 has captivated everyone from alien buffs to non-believers. The United States Government claims that the space is used for aircraft testing but we know the truth- it’s used to house extra-terrestrial life forms! Well, that’s just one of the theories. Whether Area 51 is testing on aliens, tracking UFO’s or really testing aircrafts, if you cross that border without permission the armed guards will not hesitate to shoot you. Probably best to just keeping imagining what goes on behind those barbed wire fences.

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