10 Cars that Can Last for 250,000 Miles

The truth is, almost any car can survive until it has reached 250,000 miles. Of course, you’ll have to put a ton of money into it, and that isn’t always a good idea. It’s best to start with a safe, reliable vehicle and keep up on the routine maintenance. If your car requires heroic measures to keep it going, maybe it’s time for retirement. But since no one really likes car shopping, or at least, dealing with the salespeople, here is a list of the ten most dependable vehicles available. Treat them right, and they are sure to keep on chugging for you, up to 250,000 miles and beyond.

Honda Accord


Toyotas & Hondas – the Go-Forever Makes

These two car companies have a solid reputation for making vehicles that last and last. Several of the cars on our list come from them, but many more Toyota and Honda models that we didn’t cover can go to 250,000 miles and beyond. We simply wanted to include some standout models from other brands as well!

It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly about these brands makes the difference, and the automakers certainly aren’t advertising their secrets. But in the case of Hondas, it may have something to do with an enormous focus on research and development, followed by extensive testing, before any components go into production. Toyota is known for using Kaizen management principles, which emphasizes smart changes rather than flashy ones.